Eco-sensitive walks

Walking out in the countryside, remarkably, by itself, has been shown to confer wonderful benefits to your health and wellbeing, and to reduce, stress, anxiety and depression. That alone should motivate you, and your family or friends to take advantage of the sheer wealth of public bridleways that crisis cross this entire area.

There are several other reasons for making walks a part of your regular activity. Walking is a surefire way to make one more aware of the wonders of our world. Looking around you as you walk will engage you in deriving simple pleasures from your surroundings, and make you appreciate the world we live in.

Of course, that does mean not spending your walk hooked onto your mobile phone, and it’s a good idea to switch to put it on silent, or even switch it off. And I wouldn’t advocate power walking as a way to engage with nature.

And remember, if you take a bin bag with you and collect plastic trash while you’re walking, that’s a very simple way to do your bit to save the planet. Every bit you collect and dispose of in your recycling bins is a little win for the world.

There are many simple activities that can add to the engagement and pleasure that you can derive from a nature walk.

  • Walking as a family or group of friends is a great way to strengthen relationships. 
  • It’s a time to get away from busy lives and converse about things that are often neglected.
  • With young children, identifying plants or trees or insects, or even animal footprints is an effective way to make them aware of and appreciative of our natural world.

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