We are lucky, to live in Tatsfield. We are a green village, with trees, shrubs and indeed some woods too. Deer, Badger, and foxes are common sightings, and we are even beginning to see some rabbits again.

It is important, however, to be conscious that British mammals are under threat of extinction, too.

Even more importantly, we need to understand the vital roles that most species play in the ecosystems they inhabit. The lessons of the vital role of wolves in the Yellow Stone National Park in the US remain one of the most illuminating examples of the interrelationships of species that live in any ecosystem.

Habitat loss is the main cause that endangers wildlife and that’s something that we can all do something about.

While on a larger scale, rewilding is the favoured approach to reversing some of the damage that we have caused, there are also things that individuals or families can do. If enough of us start to follow these measures, it will lead to a significant impact.

Some measures that we can take include:

  • Preserving trees
  • Planting new trees if you have the space
  • Allowing small wild areas to grow in our gardens

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