Air Bee & Bee Projert

The Air Bee & Bee project is all about saving bees. Not just the honey bees but all bees. There are some easy to do projects that you can get involved in, either by yourself, or as a family, or even as a group of friends or neighbours.

When we think about bees, most of us, and that includes me, think about honey bees. Honey bees are not only just one of over 150 species of bees in the UK, but they are also not necessarily the most important when it comes to pollination.

These articles from the woodland trust website are worth reading:

Type of bees in the UK

Saving Bees

Wildflowers for bees

This blew my mind. I was so focussed on honey bees and “their decline”. Must see video…

Bee extinction: Why we’re saving the wrong bees | DW Planet A

Think honey bees are disappearing? Or that the more hives we have the better? Think again. Here’s why they’re the bad boys of the bee world, and what we should be focusing on instead.

Most of our bees do not live in hives. Building bee hotels is a simple but worthwhile project.

The video shows a simple project that anyone can complete.

This article from the woodland trust is also worth looking at:

How to build a bee hotel

Another thing to consider – “Bee Hotels” house many different insects over winter.

All you have to do is to add materials that provide different habits and then you have a Bug Hotel!

  • Solitary bees (pollinators) Hollow bamboo canes and hogweed stems.
  • Ladybirds. Dry leaves / sticks /straw and pinecones / teasel seed heads.
  • Centipedes, millipedes, woodlice and wood boring beetles (Stag beetle) Decaying deadwood – sticks. …
  • Ants, slugs, worms and snails.

Building a Bug Hotel | Biodiversity | Sikana English

How to build a bug hotel: the right way! | Garden Ninja: Lee Burkhill