This project is all about lots and lots of us doing lots of lots of things that will slow the destruction of the environment.

Its all about buying time, time for the big projects, to catch up. For governments, multinational businesses, and global players to get more committed.

Here is a selection of videos that not only show what we can do but also some of what is happening on a larger scale that gives us hope.

Featured Video: 5 Most Epic Earth Healing Projects! Andrew Millison

Here are some more videos that inspired us.
Watch them – they will make you a better eco-warrior:

Jamil Zaki: How to escape the cynicism trap | TED

How We Fix the Climate

Climate Change: Simple, Serious, Solvable | James Rae | TEDxUniversityofStAndrews

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean: if as few drops in the ocean are dirty, the entire ocean does not become dirty - Mahatma Gandhi

Some videos that made us feel better:

WATCH This Modern Technology Remove MILLIONS of Plastics From The Ocean

GAME OVER! End of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

13,875 KG of Trash Out Of The Ocean | Three Latest System 002 Extractions | The Ocean Cleanup

How Are Aluminium Cans Recycled? | How Do They Do It?